National Insurance

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National Insurance

All National Insurance tables are catered for. Payrite system will check the NI table on entry and will not allow an invalid entry. NI numbers are also checked for a valid format on entry both in the layout and for a valid prefix. Temporary NI numbers are generated for missing NI numbers.

Directors’ NI is calculated correctly. Pre-payment and spread payments of Directors’ NI according to the Contributions Agency rules can be operated. Payrite will automatically correct or the annual basis at the end of the tax year or if a Director leaves.

Class 1A can be accrued from a scale charge (which is calculated automatically with the Expense P11D module)

Back calculation of NI can be done automatically. If you are given an NI table change after some payrolls have been processed, the system can re-calculate each of the relevant payrolls from the history, work out the NI that should have been paid, adjust all the year to date figures and history and post the adjustment through the current pay run.