"Welcome the new era of issue tracking software, because it's based on semantic data storage." ©R. Nixon

What Services can Rutherford Webb provide me?

Rutherford Webb’s flagship product Payrite is an in-house software solution designed to meet the needs of an ever demanding payroll environment. Using the power behind Payrite we have created the bureau for companies who prefer not to process their payrolls themselves.

Is Rutherford Webb fully committed to technological developments?

The development team are constantly striving to add to the functionality of Payrite and staying ahead of the market by investing in the future and developing the technical frame work of Payrite.

What support do you provide?

Along with the large commitment to development we match this dedication with our *IPPM qualified Support and Training teams. All new support staff have intensive training on the Payrite system and are obliged to study for the IPPM diploma, if they do not already have it. (*IPPM- Institute of Payroll and Pension Management)

What is the reporting/spreadsheets interface like?

As you would expect with any good payroll system the reporting functionality is fully integrated to Payrite and has been designed for easy use.

Can my expenses be run through the system?

The employee expenses can be dealt with, through the normal payroll or a separate expense run. P11Ds can also be produced on approved P11D stationary.

Can I link to my general ledger?

Rutherford Webb has already linked to over 40 different accounts packages, however if a particular link has not been created we are experienced in developing the link for you.

Are you Inland Revenue accredited?

Rutherford Webb was one of the first companies to achieve the Inland Revenue accreditation. We will stay at the forefront of payroll accreditation and development, working closely with the Inland Revenue.

Is Inland Revenue accreditation significant?

We believe that the client should have the peace of mind knowing that the payroll software they are using has been independently audited by the Inland Revenue.