Payrite Support Services

"Welcome the new era of issue tracking software, because it's based on semantic data storage." ©R. Nixon

The three most important words where support is concerned:

Quality! Quality! Quality!

  • Front line support
  • Hot Line
  • Direct Dial via modem
  • Training

Implementation Provided by qualified Payroll Professionals, not IT, this ensures you always speak to someone who understands your problems, whether payroll specific or Payrite specific.

All hot line calls are logged against the customer and cross referenced so that problems are identified and flagged immediately. 95% of support calls are cleared on the first call.

Full escalation procedure if required.

If a live payroll problem arises we ensure that it is resolved before the end of the day.

Direct Dial ensures swift and effective diagnostics of user problems.

Training for the initial implementation is usually on-site at the customers site, but a range of 1 day courses are available at our Lingfield office throughout the year.

Implementation is combined with the on-site training to provide a quick and efficient live running.

Additional Support Services:

  • Project Management
  • Consultancy
  • Bespoke Modifications

Project Management is usually supplied for larger implementations, where other software packages are involved and need effective project control to meet timescales.

Consultancy is there to provide additional on-site support, review and recommend changes in the customers management of their payroll system.

Bespoke Modifications are fully specified and agreed with the customer before writing, the bespoke software is maintained under the annual maintenance agreement.

All Payrite customers pay an annual maintenance charge which provides:

All Statutory and Legislative changes New Upgrades to Payrite Documentation Hot Line and Direct Dial via modem. There is an active User Group that meets once a year, and provides us with a continuous source of ideas for enhancements and new facilities.

A quarterly newsletter, informing all our customers of changes in legislation, new enhancement to Payrite, hints and tips and diary events including training course dates.

Our registered BACS Bureau service can provide Disaster Recovery for our users, in the case of staff shortage or natural disasters i.e. fire, flood.