"Welcome the new era of issue tracking software, because it's based on semantic data storage." ©R. Nixon

Payrite has been delivering solutions to in-house payroll requirements for over 20 years. A flexible, modular system that allows you to build your payroll capability as needs demand,

Payrite software contains intelligent automation to help you complete tasks swiftly, accurately and easily.

The modular philosophy of Payrite provides the flexibility to meet each customer’s needs, without the need for expensive tailoring.

Payrite is designed to be easy to implement and maintain.

Payrite is a 32 bit system, running under Windows 2000 and XP operating systems.

Half yearly upgrades are supplied on CD and incorporate new legislation and new product enhancements. Further maintenance is provided by Service Pack. These can either be downloaded automatically by Payrite or manually from our website. This ensures that once you have purchased Payrite, you will always have the latest and most up to date version for legislation and product functionality whilst your support contract is current.