Payroll Solutions

"Welcome the new era of issue tracking software, because it's based on semantic data storage." ©R. Nixon

Whether you want to run your payroll yourself or outsource completely, we have a solution that will work for you – whatever the size or nature of your business.

Our solutions are constantly updated to reflect changes in legislation and practice, including stakeholder pensions and the ability to send remittance advice directly to your stakeholder provider.

Rutherford Webb is one of the few companies to offer you the choice of in-house or bureau based solutions.

  • Payrite – The comprehensive payroll package for professionals, suitable for organizations who want to manage their own payroll in an in-house payroll department.
  • RW Bureau – The outsourced payroll bureau solution for companies who prefer not to process their payroll themselves.
  • RW Services – Rutherford Webb runs a variety of payroll training courses as well as providing a Business Continuity service.