Expenses and P11Ds

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Expenses and P11Ds

Many companies have various methods of recording information for P11D production, some manual and then keyed into a stand alone system to produce the P11D returns. Duplication of effort which in turn can lead to errors.

Payrite‘s approach is to integrate Expenses and P11D management, thereby saving on duplication and errors.

The Expense module incorporates all type of expenses, not just P11D items. An expense code can be P11D’able, a reimbursed expense, or with dispensation, a nominal code can de allocated against each expense code, and a file then posted to the nominal ledger.

Other feature include:

  • Expense codes include: car mileage, hotel bills, Healthcare, phones
  • Payment method is assigned to each expense code i.e. though Payrite, BACSTEL or manual payment
  • VAT split out
  • Employees may have any number of car changes during the year
  • P46s are generated
  • Class 1A NI calculated
  • Car Benefit for employee
  • Relocation expenses
  • Loans
  • Phones
  • P11D returns for employees and self assessment letter to assist with completion of their return
  • P11D return on disk
  • Expense data is kept for multiple years so year on year analysis available
  • Standard Expense Reports
  • User Defined Reports