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Payrite provides a dedicated Payroll BACSTEL-IP option, this ensures the security usually required by the payroll and finance departments.

The BACSTEL-IP module is set up and tested by us, our staff are experienced BACSTEL-IP installers, we even supply the Card Readers.

Direct transmission to BACS will substantially reduce the amount of manual cheques you need to write.

A full audit is provided prior to transmission, this can be used as a sign off document.

Security for BACSTEL-IP transmission can be set up to 3 levels of control.

Records of your Submissions and Transmission reports are held securely on your dedicated Bacs Secure Website.

Payment though BACSTEL-IP can be paid direct to:

  • Salary payment to BACS
  • Separate Expense Payment run over and above the main payrun (if Expenses & P11D module taken)
  • Pension funds
  • Payments to individual courts for court orders
  • Deductions i.e. Club subs, SAYE, Union Dues
  • Submission of PAYE and NI to Cumbernauld