Working Time Directive and Minimum Wage

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Working Time Directive and Minimum Wage

This module has been written to meet new Working Time Directive (WTD) and National Minimum Wage (NMW) requirements created by the DTI and Health and Safety, though not considered payroll legislation, this is the only place sufficient data is stored to provide the calculation and analysis.

Everyone needs to keep accurate records for both WTD and NMW, there are extensive fines for non compliance.

The Working Time Directive (WTD) module maintains information on specific groups of workers:

  • Casual Workers
  • Variable Shift
  • Night Workers
  • People with additional employment
  • Payrite is an open system, so data can be imported from other software to simplify payrolls responsibility, i.e.
  • Personnel, Excel or Time and Attendance systems.

This module maintains:

  • Keep details of standard daily hours
  • Record all hours on a day by day basis
  • Record details of employees who have additional employment
  • Allow you to enter hours worked on a daily basis
  • Record shifts
  • Record/calculate casual workers’ holiday entitlement
  • Set reference periods
  • Workforce or collective agreements
  • Breaks/periods
  • Calculate night workers average working hours
  • Flag night worker/adolescent worker
  • Calculate holiday pay for casual and shift workers

The NMW section of this module is to record and calculate NMW for salaried staff, usually those who do not receive overtime and could apply to those earning up to £25,000 per annum. The calculation is based on the annualized hours and actual hours worked and would not normally apply till month 10.

The NMW legislation has been modified since the initial draft so if you have not seen the 112 page pamphlet, we recommend you get a copy, all employees up to director need to have sufficient records kept and a single report need to be available to the Inland Revenue auditors.

Note: The data for WTD and NMW is not the same, both legislation need data to be kept under different rules i.e. actual hours.